Ian Skelly Captain Caveman is the first track taken from his upcoming Drifters Skyline album.

To the masses, the name Ian Skelly is synonymous with The Coral, a staple on these shores that Ian founded two decades ago and has drummed for ever since. To a hardcore, inner circle you will also be pointed in the direction of Ian’s side projects. Eight years after his first solo album Cut from a Star landed, Skelly is back with a second album Drifters Skyline to be released on 31 July. To whet our appetites, we have been gifted with it’s first single Captain Caveman.

To throw my cards on the table almost straight away, the track is pure magic from start to finish as we become entranced in a joyous, psychedelic trip. Like Sergeant Peppers in a month of Sundays. The imagery that Skelly has sketched lyrically can only be described as being good for the soul. At times ridiculous as we hear of “flying burritos” and “be bop a lula rock n roll” but in an art form that brightens the darkest of days and takes you to your happy place. The background music is soothing and holds you whilst Skelly’s classy vocals paint the picture. Our role is easy as we kick back and stare at the sky with smiles like Cheshire Cats. 

Ian Skelly Captain Caveman New Single

More often than not, members of any band embarking on solo ventures usually comes from the band parting ways or sailing off into the sunset. This could not be further from the truth in this instance as Ian and The Coral are purring now as much as ever. It says a lot about the strength and spirit of the relationship The Coral have with eachother that both James and Ian have been afforded to experiment with side projects in recent years. It says even more about their talent that they continue relentlessly to produce quality, unique tracks both individually and collectively.

Captain Caveman signifies that we are about to have a hell of a lot of fun on this summer fling with Drifters Skyline from 31 July. My only gripe is that we have to wait for the pleasure. All in good time though I suppose. For now, let’s enjoy the track of the summer.

Ian Skelly Captain Caveman Streaming

Ian Skelly Captain Caveman is available to stream on all major platforms now.

You can pre-order Drifters Skyline limited edition vinyl now.

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