With space getting limited and properties becoming more expensive, many people choose to downsize and rent self-storage units for their excess belongings. However, storage units can also be costly, especially in busy cities where the demand for self-storage facilities is high. Like any other products or services, we know that you want to make the most out of your money. If you want to maximise your storage unit’s use, read on and utilise these tips and tricks we prepared for you.

Making the most out of your storage unit requires knowing all the necessary steps before, during, and after transferring your items to the unit. In this guide, we provided you with all the steps you need to consider in all the phases of your self-storage experience.

Before The Transfer

Before transferring your items, you need to consider first the factors in choosing a self-storage facility carefully. 

Research Online for the Best Self-Storage Facilities in Your Area

Everything is on the internet nowadays, so take advantage of it and research online for your area’s best self-storage facilities. A self-storage company usually has its own website. You can check there the availability of the facilities and other factors such as the price and location. Check also their rules and regulations. Different companies may have different rules when it comes to which items are allowed inside the storage units. Make sure to check the reviews to verify the quality of their service!

Choose a Location That is Easily Accessible From Your Place

Ideally, you should choose a self-storage facility that is close and within walking distance from your house. For instance, if you live in London, then get a storage unit in Crawley. However, the availability of storage units may depend on demand. If the demand is high, the price may also be higher. You can choose to rent a storage facility that is farther from the centre. Just make sure that the unit is easily accessible through driving or commute. 

Choose the Right Size of the Storage Unit

Have a reasonable estimate of the load of things you want to store inside your unit. There are a variety of sizes you can choose from when it comes to storage. Find a unit that isn’t too big or too small so that you can make the most out of your money. You wouldn’t want to go to your storage unit only to go home with half of your belongings because you picked a unit too small for your belongings.

During the Transfer

Once you have chosen the perfect self-storage facility for you, it’s time to pack and move your belongings to the unit. When it comes to moving and arranging things, you need to incorporate space-saving techniques to maximise the space inside your storage unit. Here are some tips you need to consider:

Always Go Vertical

Thinking and going vertical is the golden rule when it comes to saving space. Always start at the bottom and stack up. Make sure that the heaviest boxes and items are at the bottom of your stack. Stack lighter boxes and work your way up to the top. Place those items that you are more likely to use again at the top for easier access.

Utilise Wall Space

Aside from stacking boxes, you can go vertical by utilising the wall space in your unit. You can place pegboards on the walls so you can hang your items such as bags, ropes, and other materials. You can also use adhesive hooks or even install shelves if the storage company allows it.

Disassemble Furniture

Disassemble furniture whenever you can, especially if you won’t use them for a long time. Fill any hollow parts in the furniture. Make sure to store all the screws, bolts, and nuts in a secure bag and label them accordingly.

Leave a Path

Always leave a path throughout the storage unit so you can easily access any areas inside the room. Make sure to put those items you frequently use somewhere easily accessible. Ideally, you should put those boxes that you are more likely to access near the entrance.

Label Your Boxes

Looking for a single item in a bunch of boxes can be stressful. If you want to save yourself from this problem, label all your boxes. Use a permanent marker and list down all the materials inside each box. Make sure that the labels are facing the entrance of your storage unit.

Make a List of All Your Items

Let’s face it: you’re not going to remember everything you stored inside the self-storage facility. To keep everything organised, create a master list of all the inventory inside your storage unit. You may write down the items per box so that you can easily find them once you go back to the storage facility. Make sure to update the list every time you add or remove an item from the storage unit.

After the Transfer

Everything should already be good once you finish arranging your items inside the unit. There are just some quick reminders:

Secure Your Unit

Although the self-storage facility is most likely secure and well-guarded already, it is still best to ensure that your unit is locked correctly. Make sure to choose the right padlock and that the padlock is appropriately secured.

Don’t Lose Your Keys

Find a safe spot where you can store your keys. Store them somewhere you can easily remember. Other storage facilities make use of digital locks, so make sure to remember your password. Don’t let anyone use your keys. Only entrust them to a few people whom you deem trustworthy.