Like so many of us, producing anything meaningful is a difficult thing. Elevant are a stalwart of Liverpool music, having simply outshone everyone for a long time. The thing is no one was looking.

The new album, as Michael Edward describes it is “the most troubled birth I could imagine for a record”.

Sonically, it has the sound of the pent up angst of the Incubus type punk, but with a serious twist, they are not interested in pleasing anyone. The music comes from serious skill, love for the art but also a blood will flow passion. This comes across most in the tracks “Smalltown” and “Nowhere”. Unlike Incubus they don’t care if you are here or not.

There are videos too, which do have a social context, rounding error clearly is about social issues whereas Nowhere is clearly a piss take, which I love.

Elevant – Nowhere Video

The thing about this album is, it is a piece of work that is to be reckoned with. It’s not a collection, thought has been applied. The most interesting song is that the end, ‘Entertainer” not clear on what time signature this is in, but it showy, but gets the band sound across.

Keep it up Mike, Hannah and Tom. We need more like you (but not too many).

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