With the growing number of musicians out there who have chosen to release independently, it’s now even more exciting to be on the lookout for standout artists in that category. Fear not, Liverpool Noise have done some digging for you. Helen Maw has only been on the scene for a relatively short amount of time, but has managed to make an impact straight away shooting to ‘Artist of the Week’ with Mersey Radio in May 2020, following a release of her debut single back in 2019.

As a multi-instrumentalist, she’s an all-in-one powerhouse. Her latest single Wait (coincidentally you don’t need to wait, it’s out now!) is the combination of her signature delve into beautiful harmonies with rock fusion. The addition of more unusual instruments is a credit to her songwriting strive to keep everything fresh, where an organ riff harks back to a ska-era/70s psychedelic genre. These moments really carve a personality as we hear these influences chiming in and it’s very refreshing to have those elements worked in so well.

Originally written in 2018, it was reworked and with the help of Whitewood Studios in Liverpool with the aim of transmitting a message to those who are supporting and reassuring our closest in a relationship, which can often be a difficult step to take. To put my music degree hat on for a moment, its shift between major and minor almost takes us into these ups and downs as a listener, with the chorus having this wonderful uplifting element full with that harmony and positiveness.

Maw’s music has already been distributed far and wide, with radio plays across in the US and live events as far as Madrid. Clearly the stage is set for even more from the Liverpool artist, and we highly recommend her debut EP, Everything in Between, along with of course her latest single which you can catch at the links below.

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Michael Fell