It takes supreme confidence in your own ability to throw your musical hat into the ring when considering entering the Christmas single stakes. True, the days when the nation held its breath to learn who was Top Of The Pops at Christmas is now long gone.

We now hold our breath when an #anti-masker enters the local corner shop and demands their 20 Lambert and Butler and the habitual scratch card. The Pantheon of Classic Christmas Songs, authored by the likes of Slade, Greg Lake, Wizard and Midge Ure (plus an Irish hanger-on) have not been added too in a long, long time….We really are in the festive doldrums… 

But enter Helen Maw, with December Came Calling. You have to admire her chutzpah. True, it’s been an excrement of a year, and La Maw does her best to lift the spirits with a well structured, beautifully executed song. She really does have the musical chops. Sadly, what was meant with all honesty to be a song of hope and optimism has turned into a lament, a testimony, to what COVID 19 has done for our collective spirits this year. She now sings of what would have been – a time of family, of belonging and certainty – a once a year occasion that we all look forward to. December did come calling, but now we are unable to answer as we wish. 

So, in context to recent developments, December Came Calling achieves a perhaps unintended resonance. When December came calling, our elected leaders failed to hear, failed to identify the trends the data was suggesting. Context is everything. And perhaps contemporary events gives this song more power than it ever intended to possess. And for that we should be grateful.

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Seb Klee