A lonely piano and an emotionally charged voice: this was my introduction to the music of Helen Maw with her latest compositional offering Playing With Fire. And how refreshing it was to hear a different approach than the usual acoustic singer-songwriter offering that perhaps Liverpool’s musical heritage subconsciously encourages. 

With minimal production – again a great decision because this song needs little enhancement – Maw visits those romantic themes that are universal to us all, and her beautiful voice manages to add to its visceral intensity. Indeed, the last verse of her well-crafted lyric adds a satisfying denouement to this musical experience. After the dark of night there is always a dawn that can lead to rebirth, positivity and strength: sometimes it is just down to us. 

Helen Maw Playing With Fire

With Playing With Fire, Helen Maw exhibits the credentials of a burgeoning singer-songwriter talent that we would be wise to keep a close eye on. Her quality is evident for all to hear. 

And you heard it here first. 

Playing With Fire is out on all major streaming platforms from 8 August.

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Steve Kinrade