Another year passes us by, and 2018 brings another reason to create a bucket list of New Year’s resolutions to try to desperately stick to, but mentally giving up as soon as February 1st rolls round. So when boxing day came and I put pen to paper to try and think of what my resolutions were going to be this year, the first thing I wrote down was to ‘get healthy’ *with the muscle arm emoji, for added effect and motivation, obviously*. I think half of the world’s population start to think about getting healthy after the Christmas period and start thinking about that potential ‘beach bod’. So I have done my research to help you lot out, and this year, we will not fail! *inserts another muscle arm emoji… again for added effect*

Brink Liverpool

The Brink

So, those who are not familiar with Liverpool’s unique bar The Brink, let me introduce you to the best place to be right now. The Brink is always doing something amazing, and now they are helping us to get creative, fit and healthy! They are hosting FREE fitness classes throughout January, such as yoga, meditation and boxercise. All that they ask for in return is a small donation and for you to socialise with the regulars!
The Brink has shared their itinerary with us, have a look at what they have to offer here. I’ll be seeing you all there!

Boogie Bounce

Boogie Bounce

So the next event I am quite excited to reveal to you all about, and very eager to try myself is Boogie Bounce. Trampolining for adults just got a whole lot better, who knew you could actually have fun whilst burning those calories? For £6.20 per class, this is definitely something to experience with your friends or family!
Check out Boogie Bounce Crosby on Facebook here, but hurry because the classes get full quick!

And for all you adrenaline junkies out there, why not try The Climbing Hangar. Liverpool is now setting the standard for indoor bouldering in the UK with climbing for all ages and abilities, heated changing, fresh coffee, leather sofas and vibrant music. It’s loads of fun and well worth having a try.

The Climbing Hangar Liverpool

The Climbing Hangar

Now, after all that climbing/ bouncing, etc,  you will need some time to sit back and unwind. I came across ‘Calm’ a website and an app that you can download straight to your phone to use on the go . It has got amazing reviews from users and over 5 million downloads on the app. Calm is made to help people stay grounded, to encourage people to find time throughout their busy lives to take 5 and meditate and relax, Calm offers to read poetry and short stories to users and to play calming music to help users slip into a deep sleep after a hell of a day. And it’s completely free! There are extras that you can’t access without a small fee of £2.99 per year, but what a small price to pay for some peace and mindfulness. Whoever invented Calm needs a well deserved spa break.

Interesting Eating Co

Interesting Eating Co

So we have covered the basics to get us started on a healthy start to 2018, but what about the thing we are all thinking of… food? There are plenty of healthy eateries out there now, they are getting more and more popular. One particular trend is Veganuary – going vegan for Jaunary – and there’s plenty of places in Liverpool that you can get your meat-free fix. You don’t necassrily have to go the whole hog (whoops, pun intended), you could try some veggie meals to ease you in instead.  Check out our feature on the best vegan eateries in the city here. The Egg Cafe is a popular choice, especially with the students. It offers a good range of healthy vegetarian options as well as mouth watering desserts, so why not have your cake and eat it too?

Now for my all time favourite cafe, The Interesting Eating Company. They offer Gluten free pancakes, who wouldn’t love that? It doesn’t even need to be a cheat day to enjoy them! Plus they have a wide range and variety of tasty dishes to try, and the place is dog friendly too so you can take your pooch for company!

So with all that in mind, good luck with your health journeys and here’s to not writing ‘to get fit and healthy’ on our 2019 resolution lists!

Natasha Homes