Gen and The Degenerates are back with a double release that has already caused a stir before it’s arrival on our playlists. Quite some feat you must say. The no-nonsense North West rockers released a thirty second promo video of their new tracks which the law suits at Facebook HQ deemed inappropriate for it’s “sexual content” causing a backlash from their army of adorers. Now we are provided with 12 minutes and 2 seconds in total of a raucous, gutsy presentation of an intense relationship through the eyes of tracks Cocaine and Yoko Oh No

The opener Cocaine begins with an aggressive guitar intro that sets the scene. We are then transported into a high-speed road trip of love and lust. A lively and frantic beat throughout which fluctuates the listener from toe tapping in the groovy first verse to then stomping the floor with intent as the chorus lands. Gen has us hooked and almost inside the user’s mind to the rush they feel from their hit. Double meanings are central to Gen’s classy lyrics depicting the thrill of this new and exciting romantic adventure through the eyes of a user in the rise of the hit. Vibrant and bluesy guitars set a chaotic and charging tempo throughout which Gen controls beautifully with classy and soulful interjections. The bassline revs and screeches as the track finishes, dropping us off at the destination sweating with racing heartbeats from the thrill and excitement of this classy, chaotic journey.

Yoko Oh No follows and the mood and feeling is a world apart from our previous exploits. Through Gen’s tone and the pace of the sombre bassline in the background, we are presented with the second part and ultimate hiatus of the relationship. The listener almost a fly on the wall of a regretful, tragic love story at the point of it’s conclusion. Three minutes into the track and a giggling Gen flips the mood and tone so the bass line follows suit ringing a livelier tempo as Gen shows she is no longer hurt and strikes back. On a verbal rampage, Gen’s conversational vocals almost resembling The Streets serenade her former lover before exclaiming “I hope you like your f**ing song!”. Amidst this passionate exchange, what is striking is Gen’s wide range of vocals that again dictate the tempo and mood perfectly throughout. The tune is book ended by a slow ringing bassline in the background acting as the closing credits of this masterpiece concluding the rise of fall of this intense relationship.

Both tracks should feature prominently in your playlist and flow together masterfully. The Degenerates may only be in their second year but sound beyond their years. With supporting slots in Liverpool on 8th October 2019 supporting TIGRESS and 22nd November 2019 backing up Blood Red Shoes, there is no alternative but to go and digest their talent. Be prepared for the rollercoaster though.

You can listen to Gen and The Degenerates on Spotify. And for more info follow the band on Facebook.

Jamie Hankin