Despite trying circumstances, 2020 can be viewed as a positive year for the music produced and released by the region’s artists, soundtracking our twiddling of thumbs in the confines of our own homes. The emphasis we hope will be to continue that momentum into 2021 and give us all a boost as we hope to see light at the end of the tunnel in the coming months. 

Therefore, the news of the former frontman of The Dead 60’s, Matt McManamon kickstarting a solo adventure is only welcomed with open arms. McManamon’s first single Jumpin’ the Gun certainly sets his stall out and provides an excitement of what we can anticipate ahead of the release of his first solo album titled Scally Folk later on this year. 

No time is wasted as we burst out of the starting blocks. We are hit almost instantaneously with a vibrancy and spirit to put a spring in anyone’s step. It’s the type of song that you yearn for on the radio at the start of a journey into the sunshine. An on-the-go sensation. McManamon himself describes the song as being “primarily about experiencing negative people & negative thoughts and responding to them by doing something positive”. This idea is magnified and prevalent throughout the number. 

The guitars and drumbeat in the background give off an unrelenting vigour, setting the tone as McManamon never fails in being centre stage and delivering both a considered and ardent vocal performance. A real highlight of the track is the mid-section when the tempo heightens as the frontman is at his most passionate in delivering a cutting indictment to the doubters and naysayers, “blowing them away to kingdom come”. It feels almost Springsteen like as we move into the closing of the number, pieced together by a nice interlude from the string section before the beat slowly eases and fades out as we make eyes at the destination. 

If this first release is the shape of things to come, Matt McManamon won’t have to think too much about naysayers. They have almost certainly been left behind as he heads on this bright, new adventure. 

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Jamie Hankin