FACT Programme 2015
An upcoming exhibition called Group Therapy will be showing at FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology) in Liverpool between 5 March – 17 Mayexploring different aspects technology, society, and mental health in the digital age

Group Therapy will encourage visitors to rethink their understanding of mental health and wellbeing, by asking how far our personal wellbeing is related to the values of the society we live in and the impact of new technologies.

The exhibition will feature a variety of works by artists, designers and researchers and display a variety of digital tools including apps, games and online forums to illustrate the diverse ways we use technology to manage and mediate our emotions in the 21st Century.

It will also show how technology can help to increase our understanding and empathy for people suffering from mental health issues.
5.  “The Heart Library” by George KhutOne example is the multimedia installation Labyrinth Psychotica by Jennifer Kanary Nikolova, where digital technology allows audiences to, in a creative and engaged mannerexperience how psychosis blends realities and perceptions. The piece has previously been used by practitioners to increase their understanding of patients suffering from psychosis, and will be available at FACT for visitors to explore.
Madlove, a major new commission by The Vacuum Cleaner, addresses the artist’s own experience of psychiatric hospitals as punishing rather than loving environments. A modern asylum is being designed and built at FACT as a ‘safe place to go mad’ in response to this, based on ideas gathered through workshops all across England with people who have experienced mental health care, giving a unique insight to service-users’ perceptions and opinions of today’s mental health care system.
A wider programme containing films, talks and events exploring mental health and technology will accompany this exhibition, which also is coinciding with Mental Health Awareness Week  2015 (11 – 17 May).