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Escape Room Play At Home Games Launched

Escape Room experts Escape Hunt has launched several play at home games which you can download and play in your free time.

Escape Hunt has launched The Treasure of The Aztecs and Stolen as play at home games, which are suitable for everyone over 8 years old. So you can enjoy some family fun or play with your mates.

Can you decipher ancient aztec clues to find Montezuma’s lost treasure? Then try The Treasure of The Aztecs game. 

Five priceless treasures have been stolen across London and the five dastardly thieves have escaped the police. Can you work your way through evidence and reveal which thief stole which item and where they’ll strike next? Stolen is the game for you.

You’ll need a printer, a device (tablet, smartphone, laptop, etc), an internet connection and a Facebook account in order to play the games.

The games can be played in your household or via video chat so it’s a great chance to have some fun with your loved ones who you’re not living with.

Download Escape Hunt’s Play at Home Games

The games are available to buy and download for £14.9 each, via

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