Paul McCartney sang, “it’s getting better all the time?” Or is it a case, as the laconic John Lennon responded, that it “couldn’t get no worse”? That’s what Paul D Miller, aka DJ Spooky, sets out to answer.

The Washington DC-born composer, artist and author will explore the question through a mixture of performance and an audio-visual installation.

DJ Spooky will take to the stage at the Philharmonic Hall’s Music Room with Liverpool String Quartet and a guest MC to remix a number of Beatles’ classics including Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds, A Day in the Life, Penny Lane, Strawberry Fields and, of course, Getting Better itself.

Hosted by Radio 6 DJ Stuart Maconie and joined by a group of emerging Liverpool creatives who will tackle the same theme through music, visual art and film. Main guest vocalist will be Bridget Barkan (USA) and artists will include music producer LUCA, singer-songwriters Astles and LUИA, spoken word artist SPXKEN, and visual artist Totti.

In addition, DJ Spooky, in collaboration with multimedia artists The Holladay Brothers, has created a dynamic digital installation at FACT featuring a multi-screen video and sound piece.

Join the conversation on 5 June with a special Q&A with DJ Spooky and Grammy Award-winning producer Steve Levine at Fact at 12pm and a post-show Q&A at the Phil.

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