The label behind the rise of The Coral and The Zutons, Liverpool’s famous Deltasonic Records has signed The Vryll Society and release their first single next month as part of a release schedule announced today. Following the likes of good friends, Blossoms out of the North West, their blissed-out, percussive sound sets the label on a new, but familiar path.

Fans of bands that rose from the nurturing stable of Liverpool’s Deltasonic Records between 2001 and 2010, including The Coral, The Zutons and The Rascals, will hear both new music and presumed lost classics from the label in 2015. A new partnership with Republic of Music will see new discoveries, The Vryll Society kick off the label’s release schedule with their debut single on Friday 17th July 2015, followed by unreleased and deleted albums in a series of special reissues.

The visionary founder of the label, the late Alan Wills, who orbited the Liverpool music scene as a former drummer with Shack as well as label owner, worked closely with space rock sorcerers, The Vryll Society as his next great discovery. As well as working to fulfil the boundless potential of debut single ‘Deep Blue Skies’, Wills’ partner, Ann Heston has approved the release of a number of Deltasonic archive recordings, including a lost 2007 album from The Little Flames, who wrote Arctics’ cover, Put Your Dukes Up John (the first band Miles Kane joined and touring partners of the Arctic Monkeys on their debut tour). Also to come are Dead 60’s and Candie Payne special edition reissues, amongst other gems.

Ann Heston, Deltasonic’s Label Manager, said: “Deltasonic lives on and Continues with the same philosophy as Alan started with, making and releasing music that we all love with new young artists.” Breathing life into a new future as well as celebrating the past, Deltasonic’s signing of The Vryll Society brings the label’s reputation for stirring an eclectic range of influences into a modern melting pot.

Deep Blue Skies, demonstrates the band’s detachment from the rush and push of current alternative music, in a five minute, blissed-out, percussive trip. The shimmering, expansive jam is hit by shards of orchestral guitar and jewelled with the honeyed tones of natural born frontman, Michael Ellis. Live outings at Liverpool’s Sound City and Brighton’s Great Escape festival, as well as a springtime headline UK tour, has seen their live audience continue to grow.

The Hidden Charms will offer ‘Dreaming of Another Girl’ as the second Deltasonic release of 2015. Mark McQuillan, Republic of Music Owner, said: “The list of artists and releases that make up Deltasonic’s back catalogue speaks for itself. Our partnership with them means that we’ll have the privilege of revisiting that past, perhaps filling the gaps in people’s collections as we go. The Vryll Society is clearly an exciting young band and Deltasonic’s support of them shows that the label’s vision remains as astute as ever. We are so excited to be working on future new output.”

Details of forthcoming Deltasonic reissues will be announced at and

The reissues, initially digital-only to quickly bring Deltasonic’s currently unavailable catalogue back to fans’ playlists, are part of a new arrangement between the label and the label and Sales and Marketing company Republic of Music.