If one thing’s for sure, there’s some ridiculously good places to get pizza in Liverpool, from the expertly made traditional options of Margarita and Ham and Pineapple to the slightly more ‘out there’ creations of Mac and Cheese, Carbonara and even Nacho topped options, if you want a pizza in Liverpool you wont be short of choice. We were lucky enough to be asked to give Crazy Pedro’s, a place that has quickly become one of Liverpool’s best loved pizza joints, monthly special a go to give our verdict. Here’s what we thought.

Being situated in our city, Crazy Pedro’s have cleverly realised that paying homage to the legendary fab four consisting of John, Paul, Ringo and George, is bound to go down an absolute treat. After their world record Beatles event a few weeks back that saw Scousers and visitors alike dress up as Beatles impersonators whilst collectively singing a chorus of ‘Hey Jude’ (yes, this happened), they have created an absolute beauty of a pizza special: the Sgt. Pepperoni. The usual thin, crispy yet soft and doughy Pedro’s base topped with a mountain of spicy pepperoni, chilli’s and hot sauce, served like all of Pedro’s pizzas as a 16 inch board of deliciousness. Taking a bite into the spicy taste sensation it became clear immediately that all you knead is love (and garlic mayo for crusts if you so wish).

Crazy Pedros Liverpool Sgt Peppers PizzaIf you’re thinking that this pizza sounds just like a regular pepperoni then you’d be wrong. First of all, the spice is stronger. Not so strong you can’t eat it, but strong enough to need several tequila cocktails to keep the burn at bay, which was more than fine with us. The lashings of hot sauce take the flavour to the next level and it’s safe to say we’d never seen a pizza as generously topped as the Sgt Pepperoni. By half way, there was pepperoni all over the table, hot sauce all over us and half a packet of discarded napkins where there once sat pizza slices. The pizza is as delicious as it is messy and if you’re up for a real pizza taste sensation then seriously look no further.

Not only is the Sergeant Pepperoni a treat for the senses, it’s also been created to help The Salvation Army raise funds for the renovation of the iconic Strawberry Fields site, inspired by The Beatles hit song ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’. 50p of every delicious August special sold will be going towards the much-loved Liverpool landmark’s total regeneration. What better excuse to eat pizza?

Probably not for the faint hearted or those that can’t handle the heat (don’t worry, there’s plenty of tasty milder choices if that’s what you prefer) but if you want to grab a spicy slice of this iconic monthly special, be quick and dine with Pedro before the month’s out. You won’t be sorry.

Laura Nicholson