Eclectic Merseyside-based label Klee Music presents the debut LP, CC001, by Country Club. Two editions will be released, the first a limited edition 8-track CD out on 19 November, and the second a 5-track streaming edition, which will hit major platforms on 26 November. 

Country Club, also known as Leon Holmes, describes his debut as the first entry in a musical diary’ that he hopes to improve on with each new project. CC001 was completely self-recorded and produced, using only a laptop, guitar and keyboard. 

The LP is an ambient social commentary on urban life in the 21st Century. The perfect example of this is the track Naivety, which is accompanied by a DIY-style music video that splices homemade video clips of the artist in various iconic areas of Liverpool, with old propaganda cartoons and clips that highlight global social issues such as war, BLM protests and animal cruelty. 

Sonically, CC001 is laidback, easy listening, but Country Club has pushed the boundaries with the subject matter. Drawing on inspiration from the likes of Arctic Monkeys and The Streets, Leon Holmes intends to keep making music that people can relate to. 

This is an impressive debut from the upcoming artist, and I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next when he takes to the venues of Liverpool for some gigs in 2022!

Rach Hankin