The Covid-19 Coronavirus outbreak thus far has claimed many lives around the globe, however, there is are in fact promising treatments for this disease, and as of today (1 hour ago) Donald Trump is trying to get the FDA to approve these on prescription for the American people. At the very least, a large scale clinical trial is going to begin, with US pharmaceutical giant Bayer donating millions of tablets for use in a trial.

These Treatments are old anti malarial drugs, both Chloroquine and Hydroxychloroquine (the latter is being shown to be more effective) have been around since the second world war. Initial trials in China and in France have shown this can clear the virus from patients within days:

A petition launched in the UK has urged the Government to follow suit with these measures, as it is clear that it may well save many lives. This can be found here:

And the mail online also picked up on the story:

What is however, strange, is that the UK government also placed a parallel export ban on these drugs and others which have been shown to at least be partially effective. That means that someone in government is aware of this, and are making preparations. I would suggest that this is not nearly happening fast enough. We need as much protection as is possible, against rising death rates, and also be able to protect ourselves should the worst happen. These drugs have been used for decades, and are proven to be safe for human use. There is no reason why they cannot be repurposed.

For the time being, these drugs cannot be purchased over the counter, Chloroquine Phosphate used to be available from most pharmacies with a simple consultation.

What is also important is that in the absence of proper policy, people WILL try and purchase this online, which will fuel a large black market. This already appears to be happening, scammers cashing in on people wanting to give themselves a head start. This is hardly surprising, since the UK government seem to be being led by the pubic, or asking them to take action, rather than enforcing anything themselves.

The way through this crisis is clear, we need to use anything in the arsenal that gives people a better chance of survival. It is not right to withhold information at this time, and leave people guessing.

The data collected thus far, would indicate that this is more than a little effective, and we should all be allowed to try and help ourselves and our loved ones as much as we can.

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