The Lu Ban Kitchen Chinese Banquet sounds like the perfect way to celebrate Chinese New Year on 12 February.

The Lu Ban team has created a mouth-watering ‘Heat at Home’ Chinese Banquet to celebrate the Chinese Year of the Ox.

One of the major traditions of Chinese New Year is the New Year’s Eve feast, which is a time when all families all gather together – and places are set even for those who can’t make it.

The 2021 Chinese New Year, which falls on February 12, will be very different given the lockdown. However, the celebrations are not on hold as families are invited to feast on Lu Ban Kitchen’s banquet, which features a range of authentic Chinese dishes to ensure traditions are maintained.

Lu Ban Kitchen Chinese Banquet Jasmine smoked baby pork ribs

The menu – created by Lu Ban Restaurant Executive Chef Dave Critchley – also features two crucial ‘must haves’ at any Chinese New Year meal: dumplings and noodles.

In Chinese culture, dumplings have great significance. The making of dumplings is a family activity, bringing everyone together. The eating of dumplings is symbolic of saying farewell to the old year and welcoming the new. On occasions, a coin is placed in a dumpling, and whoever finds that dumpling will have great luck.

The menu also features noodles, a staple of Chinese food. In Chinese culture, the noodle represents longevity and the longer the noodle the longer your life will be. However, you are not allowed to chew or cut the noodle, so be prepared to slurp!

The full ‘heat at home’ Chinese Banquet menu features:

Chinese Mushroom and Pak Choi Dumplings – 10 dumplings with red dragon dipping sauce and dumpling sauce.
Salt and Pepper Chicken Wings – Prepared roasted wings with Lu Ban salt and pepper seasoning.
Jasmine Smoked Pork Baby Ribs – Smoky meaty and sweet ribs with garlic, ginger and sesame.
Roast Duck & Pancakes – Two duck legs with orange, plum and hoi sin sauce and pancakes.
Jiang Beef – slow braised feather blade of beef in an aromatic Jiang sauce.
Prawn Chow Mein – Peeled prawns with vegetables, bean sprouts and cabbage, bound with Lu Ban chow mein sauce and noodles.
Lu Ban Noodles – noodles with seasoning to add the authentic flavours of China.

The banquet is priced at £99 and will serve four-six people with each main comprising two servings. Each meal includes simple instructions on how to heat.

Lu Ban Kitchen Chinese Banquet- Jiang Beef

‘Heat at Home’ meals and banquets are available for delivery across the UK and can be stored in a fridge for up to three days.

Lu Ban Kitchen Chinese banquet boxes and ‘heat at home’ meals are authentic Chinese dishes from the Lu Ban Restaurant menu in Liverpool. Prepared by the Lu Ban Restaurant team, they represent the very best in Chinese cuisine and are made using the finest and freshest ingredients.

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