Blasting through speakers with a brutal concussion of sound, yet a swaggering sleekness that’s admirable, The Boston Shakers have carved out a space in the rap-rock realm. Originally hailing from France and the USA, the band are now based in Liverpool, and have spent the summer disrupting stages across the North West with plenty of festivals under their belts.

Their tracks are the perfect mix of party spirit and grit. The boys have a background in bar tending, which makes their party hard ethos that bit more authentic. Blending a cocktail of thumping drums, unruly guitars and fiery vocals, the band have combined their talents to create a sound that is rather unique.

Latest release and debut single, ‘All Out’, brings to mind a modern mash-up of Beastie Boys’ ‘(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party)’, ANDREW W.K.’s ‘We Want Fun’, and Rage Against The Machine’s ‘Killing In the Name’. Brought together as a package, the rap and instrumentals showcase a flare of confidence – this is a band who know that they are good at what they do (and they aren’t mistaken in this fact).

The energetic performance in their video only serves to show the band’s capabilities when it comes to performing live. Already, The Boston Shakers have been undeniable crowd-pleasers, whipping up much more than just a nod of the head and tap of the foot that many bands starting out can expect from their audience.

Whilst ‘All Out’ is the party anthem every summer playlist needs, ‘Black Magic’ is a catchier outburst. The band air their American roots on this track with a taste of pop-punk circa the likes of Green Day and Fall Out Boy. It’s a track you won’t be able to miss when it streams on the radio.

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Tilly Martin