Bold Street Coffee is the sort of coffee shop that you make your regular haunt: it is not just a grab and go place, it is an experience. Listed as one of the top 50 coffee shops in the country by the Independent, it offers a wide range of coffee for every tastebud, along with an extensive loose tea selection and an enviable food menu.

Ever the spot for the hardened caffeine addict, 3 different single origin filter coffees are listed daily (the Ethiopian is particularly good), providing optimum choice for the customer. It is a breath of fresh air compared to the usual chain coffee stores, with a music playlist that lingers in the Motown era and an atmosphere of friendliness and invigorating conversation.  Packed with students, professionals and the odd eccentric, most of the customers in the store are regulars, which really gives off a community feel to the whole concept. In addition to this, local artwork is displayed on the whitewash walls, with the current artwork being that of Ed Hicks, who painted his mountainous landscape in the store only recently.

However, the food is most definitely the piece de la resistance, with the bacon buttie remaining a staple favourite since the store’s conception. Providing wholesome breakfasts, including the ‘breakfast bowl’ and french toast that will fill you for the rest of the day, and freshly prepared sandwiches that put any Tesco meal deal to shame. The menu is reinvented quite regularly, with a Brunch menu for weekends recently being introduced: there is most definitely something for everyone to eat here, with a great vegetarian selection.

The combination of great coffee and food, a relaxing space and free wifi creates the perfect environment to read your book, get on with some work or simply socialise and enjoy some downtime. I have been a personal regular in the store for the past 3 years, and I do not intend to move anytime soon…

By Anna Rhodes