Be Lovely Day Liverpool

January is a toughie – we’re all emotionally, physically and financially spent – but the best things is life are free, including kindness and general loveliness. Paying it forward is a random acts of kindness movement that encourages doing something nice for others and not expecting anything in return. The hope is that the person on the receiving end of your kindness passes on the good deed to another, creating a ripple of loveliness around the world!

Organiser Jodie Schofield explains: “We can all make a difference to how we feel this month. Let’s make Saturday January 17th lovely for everyone. Do something nice for someone you know, or someone you don’t, just because we can.”

This is the third annual Be Lovely Day, with the first outing in 2012 reaching over 5000 people thanks to the power of social media. Lovely stories of a lady in San Francisco knitting a coat for her neighbour’s cat, while a group of friends in Liverpool giving out flowers in the city centre to unsuspecting passers-by, show that this is a fun, inexpensive and easy to take part event, putting smiles on faces in a traditionally miserable month.

This is a global event – already participants are making lovely plans in UK, Europe, USA and Australia confirmed. Participants can organise local meet ups for sharing of lovely plottings and stories and share their adventure online through social media.

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