Vynce Band Liverpool

With the music scene currently bursting with minimalistic indie bands, VYNCE’s unique lyrics and enthusiasm set them one step apart. The four-piece band comprising Peter Pegasiou, Tom Davies, Ollie Foster and Alex Whittaker have already been heralded with success in the north west since forming at the start of this year.

Securing air-play on BBC Radio and numerous other stations they are definitely ones to keep your eye on, or rather ears open to. Their recent stint at Liverpool’s X&Y Festival has gained them a new group of fans and particularly complimentary reviews about their live performances.
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f1401BXoHOs]
Debut single ‘April Showers’ is an impressive introduction to the band. The song shows off the ease with which the band comes together to produce an eclectic mix of riffs and beats that fit perfectly with the singer’s vocal capacity. They open up the somewhat regurgitated theme of relationships within music, giving a fresh voice to their lyrics, and one which is incidentally charming.

New single ‘Not My Girlfriend’ is a similarly punchy song, thriving off the catchy chorus and quick drum beats. The chorus can guarantee the boys maximum audience participation at gigs with the lyrics demanding to be shouted back at the stage.

Even with just two singles so far, the band will undeniably continue to seduce numerous fans with their slick lyricism. All plans for a full EP or album release in the near future can be an expected hit for the boys.

To keep up to date with all the band’s releases and gigs follow their Facebook and Twitter accounts and join their daily exploits via their Instagram. Also, check out the band’s Soundcloud to listen to their singles.

Tilly Martin