Photo Credit: Mark McNulty

Photo Credit: Mark McNulty

Local Liverpool band ‘Visitors’ are definitely one to watch out for this coming year. They’ve had an exciting start already with an appearance on BBC Radio Merseyside January 10th, a recording with Red Sofa Sessions and an upcoming show on February 27th supporting Go Fiasco. With their last EP ‘Truth’ being released over 7 months ago, fans eagerly await the release of some new material.

Defining themselves as ‘Garage doom rock’, listening to the first track of the EP entitled ‘Truth’, the heavy ‘doom rock’ sound comes through after the first chorus with heavy distorted guitar. Whether or not this label applies to them is rather questionable as the lead vocals have a strong resemblance to that of Indie singers such as Ricky Wilson- lead singer of the Kaiser Chiefs- and are accompanied by some rather high pitched harmonies which give the song a contrasting sound to the heavy guitar riff and clashing drums that follow this section.

The second track of the EP ‘Stay away’ brings out the gloomier tones of the music with an extremely bold introduction. Before the chorus enters, the instrumentation is completely stripped back to bass and minimal drums then suddenly lurches back in to the full line up with drum fills and a guitar solo to follow. Sticking to predominantly minor keys and vocals that almost shout within the chorus, their music is not for the light hearted and doesn’t prove to be easy listening as such- unless this would be your personal preference of music.

With a thick coating of filthy bass lines, heavy drums and a hearty helping of distortion and reverb on the guitar; the rock genre definitely applies to these three boys. The last song of the EP ‘Radioactive’ features different lead male vocals which appear much less melodic than the previous singer; this contributing to the Garage Rock genre. It also appears to focus more on the guitars melody in between the vocal sections of the song.

It is undeniable that the band has talent and caters for those of us who enjoy a heavy sound and a bit of head banging. If this applies to you, then be sure to watch their space for new songs in what will hopefully be the near future and get down to their gig at District on February 27th alongside some other amazing acts.

For more info about the band visit their Facebook page. You can download Visitors debut EP ‘Truth’ from iTunes here.

Rosa Weiner