Salt The Snail’s Caffeine-Fuelled Debut Single Is A Riotous Belter

Salt the Snail are clearly no strangers to noise. From the first few seconds of their debut track ‘Coffee’ you can tell that things are about to get a little crazy. Sat, seemingly calm, behind a table of paper cups filled with everyone’s favourite ‘jitter juice’, it doesn’t need a genius to figure out what’s to come in the video.

Building momentum with the thundering drumbeats, it takes less than 20 seconds in before chaos ensues. Blasting out the lyrics, the single is the definition of anarchy – both orally and visually. It’s a rebellious riot, which jarringly captures the restlessness that bubbles away within everyone during a high-octane caffeine trip.

The lads set themselves a triumphant challenge to wipe the table of filled cups, and indeed drown themselves (and each other) before the short 1:12 is up. Judging by this video alone, the band are definitely going to pack a punch when it comes to their live performances.

The single and video are due to be released on 31st March, before the band embarks on a mini tour across the UK, with gigs in Liverpool, Manchester and London.

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Tilly Martin