One of the traits of a strong band is the ability of each of the individual musicians to provide their own unique sound whilst still coming together as a whole. That couldn’t be truer than for Black Mountain Lights. The talented bunch work harmoniously to create an unusual sound that is both uplifting and a little eccentric.

Hailing from the Wirral Pennisula, the five piece – Jonny Fowlds, Daniel Trevithick, Kate Geraghty, Neil Frost, and Stephen J Fowlds – all dabble their hands in various instrumental ventures, with everything from the harmonica to a leg-strap tambourine making its way into the band’s tracks.

The debut EP, Submarine, is a three-track heavy enjambment of musical sounds that the genre ‘traditional folk’ doesn’t quite give justice to. The opening and title track soars with the dual vocals, as the lyrics bring both melancholy and hope: “You gave me love until I couldn’t breathe, Slipped away while I sleep, When I woke my world was gone, And there’s no place I belong.”

Second track, ‘Tumbling Sky’ is a jangly mix of haunting vocals and strumming guitar chords. In contrast, final track ‘Two Steps’ is more loud and bustling, but still in keeping with the band’s folk roots. It epitomises the folk movement, with the falsely jolly, up-beat sound acting as a stark contrast to lyrics: “Oh Lord, I can’t see, why you want to make a fool of me, Oh Lord, you’ve burdened me with shackles all my life.” The end chorus wraps up the EP into a tight-knit package providing the band with a weighty stepping-stone for future material.

The band will be playing the Shout About It Festival at District in Liverpool on Sunday 20th August, alongside plenty of other local music acts and special photography exhibitions. Purchase your tickets on Skiddle.

They’ll also be playing at the Gorjys Secrets Music Festival in Caer Rhun Hall, Conwy Valley, North Wales on Friday 15th September. Get your hands on tickets through the official festival website.

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Tilly Martin