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    In Conversation - KOF

    In Conversation – KOF

    Liverpool artist KOF has been showing off his soulful hip-hop skills for over a decade, but his most recent venture sees him releasing a new mobile game. Following a similar structure to games like Temple Run, the app was released to promote his latest single ‘Grace’. As it stands, players can collect coins in different vehicles while listening to the track, but KOF has plans to expand the game going forward. Liverpool Noise sat down…

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    iamkyami teases new EP with track 'When I Call'

    iamkyami teases new EP with track ‘When I Call’

    Manchester-based iamkyami has released her new single When I Call, featuring fellow bedroom-popper Lazygirl. The track, released ahead of her upcoming EP The Kenny Klubhouse, describes the trials of modern dating. iamkyami explained: “Beth (Lazygirl) and I didn’t really have an understanding of the lyrical meaning behind the song until we wrote the bridge over FaceTime. We had all these lyrics which basically sounded like a lesbian love song (which I wasn’t mad about) but…

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    KOF Releases New Track 'Grace' 2

    KOF Releases New Track ‘Grace’

    Standing as one of Liverpool’s most exciting Hip-Hop and R&B artists, KOF is gearing up to release his new single Grace.  Though the artist has been making waves in the Liverpool music scene for well over a decade now, he continues to find new ways to show off his talents on the track, released on Friday 28 January 2022.  The track sees KOF reflecting on the hard work that got him to where he is…