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Are Nicotine Pouches Better Than Vaping?

It’s relatively common knowledge just how bad smoking cigarettes are for a person. The sheer amount of chemicals that are produced and emitted within the smoke from a lit cigarette is in the high thousands, with nearly 100 of these chemicals proven to be toxic and actually cancer causing. 

It’s with this information and knowledge that people are wanting to kick the habit of smoking in a bid to reduce their chances of contracting a deadly disease like cancer, and enrich their lives on the whole. Traditional forms of Nicotine Replacement Therapy have been used by people for the longest time such as Nicotine Patches or Nicotine Gum, but it is in recent times that people are turning to alternative methods such as E-Cigarettes or most notably Nicotine Pouches. 

The latter mentioned has started gaining in popularity as more people have started to realise the benefits of using Nicotine Pouches and how they are much safer for nicotine consumption than what Smoking is, but also how they are better to use for some people rather than vaping. In this article, I take a look at both things in question here and explain how Nicotine Pouches are safer to use when compared to smoking, but also go through the benefits of how they are potentially better to use than an E-Cigarette. 

How Nicotine Pouches Are Safer Than Smoking

Smoking is one of the leading factors of avoidable deaths around the globe every single year. It’s estimated that nearly half a million people die every single year from smoking related diseases, and this number also includes people who die from passive smoking, the act of inhaling second hand smoke from someone smoking nearby. 

This is down to the fact that a single cigarette contains a concoction of over 600 different chemicals to make it, and when lit, it emits smoke that can contain up to 8000 different chemicals which is mind blowing to think. And studies done on these chemicals that are produced have proved that at least 80 of them are proven cancer causing chemicals. 

On top of this, a high volume of tar and carbon monoxide is ingested into the body from a lit cigarette as well, and this resides in the body and is continually topped up with every cigarette a person smokes and takes a long time to disperse once the act of smoking has stopped. 

This is where Nicotine Pouches shine bright, as they do not contain any of the chemicals found in cigarettes apart from Nicotine and Nicotine is not a deadly nor harmful chemical like what many people believe it to be. Nicotine is highly addictive and a person can become easily hooked on to it once they start ingesting it into the body, but it is not harmful and there is no proven evidence to show that Nicotine can lead to contracting deadly diseases or being responsible for someone’s death. 

Nicotine Pouches do not contain any form of tobacco at all, and only contain a powdered nicotine solution as well as flavourings and other essential ingredients required to make the Nicotine Pouches. The small white pouches that do contain tobacco that you may have heard about are called Snus, but these are banned from sale in the European Union and the UK and have been since the early 1990’s.

So with the elimination of tobacco that contains hundreds of chemicals, Nicotine Pouches reign supreme with the fact that they are considerably safer to use than smoking a cigarette to get your nicotine fix. 

Are Nicotine Pouches Better Than Vaping?

Now we come on to a discussion that isn’t as quite clear cut as the one above, but it still does have some interesting points within the argument of whether or not are Nicotine pouches better than vaping

Using an E-Cigarette is considerably safer than smoking, well, 95% safer than smoking according to the statement that Public Health England made back in 2016. This is because, just like using Nicotine Pouches, that when a person uses an E-Cigarette they are not being exposed to the hundreds upon thousands of toxic chemicals that are found in a cigarette, and instead gets their nicotine via a much safer channel. 

Using E-Cigarettes is not a completely risk free operation, as there has not been any long term evidence published on the studies of them due to them not being on the consumer market for long enough, but the ideology of them being safer remains high. 

However, due to the fact that E-Cigarettes do emit vapour rather than smoke, they are put in the same classification as cigarettes and not permitted for use in public places like cigarettes and these places include pubs, restaurants, clubs and public transport. Some pubs do allow the use of E-Cigarettes inside their establishment but from the number I’ve found on my travels, these are few and far between. 

And this is where Nicotine Pouches hold prominent power down to the fact that they are completely smokeless/vapourless and can be used practically any and everywhere that you go, notably in places you would not be allowed to smoke or vape in. Also, they do not involve any form of inhalation having to be taken, therefore limiting the amount of ingestion of chemicals into the lungs which does come from E-Liquid (not harmful chemicals though, things like Vegetable Glycerine and Proplyne Glycol used to create that base for E-Liquid).

How Nicotine Pouches Are More Convenient To Use Than Smoking or Vaping

As mentioned above, Nicotine Pouches provide a high level of convenience for getting your nicotine fix wherever you are and especially in places where you cannot vape or smoke inside. I’ll explain a couple of points of why Nicotine Pouches are more convenient below; 

Discretion – Nicotine Pouches have been purposefully designed to be small and compact in size so they give the highest form of discretion when being used. They simply rest between your upper gum and upper lip, and are that small they do not create any bulging of the lip. This means you can have a Nicotine Pouch in place whilst you’re working in a busy environment, or out with friends and nobody would even notice you have one in place. 

Use Wherever You Want – To emphasise this point again, Nicotine Pouches are completely smoke and vapour free meaning you can use Nicotine Pouches wherever you go and not have to worry about breaking any rules, or stepping outside disrupting whatever you’re doing. Simply place a Nicotine Pouch in your mouth and carry on with whatever you’re doing and the Nicotine will be absorbed into your body. 

No Risk of Vapers Tongue – Vapers Tongue is a real side effect that vapers can experience, which occurs when a person uses the same flavour of E-Liquid for a prolonged period of time and after a while it will become muted and tasteless meaning that the person will be suffering from a case of Vapers Tongue. This is a reversible condition and isn’t the end of the world, but it’s pretty inconvenient for a vaper to have no sense of taste of their E-Liquid. This doesn’t happen with Nicotine Pouches, because whilst they are flavoured, the flavour isn’t so strong that it can affect the taste buds meaning you can continue to use any flavour Pouch you want for however long you want without worrying about the flavour disappearing. 

I hope this article has been helpful to clear up any confusion or questions that you may have been asking yourself on Nicotine Pouches being a better option for Nicotine than cigarettes or e-cigarettes. If you’re wanting to try Nicotine Pouches yourself, be sure to check out where you can order your nicotine pouches and have them delivered straight to your door!


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