Yardbird Liverpool

Pulled pork is over. Burgers? Meh. Chicken is where it’s at. And where it’s at is the corner of Berry St and Duke St. Yeah, where the Banksy rat mural used to be. Yardbird has landed.

The interior is super simple with wooden floor, bench seating and great artwork on the windows. The kitchen is open and out-front with the bar next to it.

The menu is simple too. Most easily described as food from the Deep South, it majors on chicken: chicken wings, fried chicken, chicken huevos rancheros and the fabulously titled ‘Biggie Smalls fat-assed fried salty chicken and gravy’. Then there is a selection of chicken burgers that’ll clog your arteries and leave you with the greasiest of greasy chins. And sides n slaws too. Can recommend the ‘hot, wet, dirty peppery saucy fries’ and next time, it’ll be the ‘cheesy jalapeño crunchy fritter fingers’.

(No plates! True story. Food is served in foil trays. Saves on washing up…)

And then, if you’re not in a heap in the corner at the end of your meal, there are doughnuts. Seriously. A great drinks menu tops it all off with the house speciality being the hardshakes- grown up milkshakes for us jaded adults, loaded with heavenly ingredients. Try the ‘Bird is the Word’: Jim Beam honey, chocolate sauce, chocolate ice cream and chocolate liqueur.

Service is good- perky French young man, in particular, gets a big thumbs up. And prices are reasonable. The priciest thing on the food menu is £8 and sides start at £3.

Mixed clientèle and a chilled atmosphere. It was the day the teachers were on strike and the excellent soundtrack included ‘Another Brick in the Wall’ turned up to 11 which was amusing…

Christiana Bennett