Formed in 2015, The Racket are from Widnes. Born from small town boredom and the feeling of being cut loose from society, the band looked to music to fill the void. Now signed to Klee Music this will be their first formal release.

Don’t Know What To Say starts with some great chord change antics before launching into a high octane frenzy. The lyrics on Don’t Know What To Say are memorable enough to stay with the listener and urgent enough to become anthemic. The band have pushed into the seething mass of punk indie, using their musical energy to elbow into the fray. Puling the listener through the track at a frantic pace, this is the music of the pit; the soundtrack of flailing bodies and crowd surfers.

Faded Days is slightly more standard fare but retains the sense of disenfranchisement. The lyrics about minimum wage should resonate with resentful youth everywhere; the music of discontent. The track’s indie rock manages to sound cynical and exciting at the same time. The tracks suggest that The Racket are a good band to catch live. The best punk and indie comes from fractured societies and this is no exception. Their recorded material retains that rough edge that can sometimes get edited out, which is as it should be. This sound is best left unpolished.

The tracks are officially released on 2nd June. Check out the band’s Soundcloud page here.

Find The Racket on Facebook here and Twitter here

Roxy Gillespie