Always one to draw a crowd for their wild performances, the Sneaky Nixons have returned with a new single that’s exactly not what the doctor ordered. Their reputation as Liverpool’s ‘bad boys’ intact, ‘Schadenfreunde’ is the kind of belter you’ve come to expect from the band.

The name says it all, with the single being a two-edged sword – both riotously loud yet sickly sweet at times. Catchy riffs, a steady drum progression, and lyrics laced with poison make this song a volatile kick in the face to lost lovers and more broadly society’s desire to always keep up appearances.

Opening with singer and guitarist Jack Hardwells schmoozing out the lyrics, ‘It makes me happy to know you’re sad’, you can tell from the very beginning that this band are absolutely fine breaking the rules. Almost appearing like a sleazy chat-up line calling out to members of the broken hearts club, Sneaky Nixons know exactly how to mash up emotions and screw them back together askew, closing the deal with ‘so nice to see you again’.

There’s an undeniable energy behind the instrumentals of Jack, fellow guitarist Dave, bassist Jamie, and drummer Lisa, which makes the prospects for this song all the more exciting when it hits live stages.

Reminiscent of a young Rolling Stones for their energy and roughness, Sneaky Nixons have the potential to really storm their way onto the music scene, hosting bigger venues and bringing in crowds from further afield in the future. There’s a nod towards more indie, household names too, like Artic Monkeys and Oasis, but these guys have much more grit in their teeth, and it’s that determination which will catapult them.

The band’s single ‘Schadenfreunde’ is now available to download on iTunes and stream on Spotify. Follow the band on Facebook and Twitter @sneakynixons to keep up to date on their latest single releases and live line-up announcements.

Tilly Martin