mUmU Liverpool

The man behind seminal London soiree Fuse is heading up to Liverpool’s much loved mUmU on 5th April.

mUmU Sessions kick-started its tenure in March, bringing Mathias Kaden as the driving force at mUmU’s new monthly focus on a singular DJ. The response to the event proved to be overwhelmingly positive, setting the stall for the sophomore effort to be just as important – particularly with the standard of DJ at the helm.

If Kaden was a statement of intent, the next selector continues that uncompromising philosophy of excellence, Enzo Siragusa. If ever there was a DJ who has managed to mirror the mUmU rise to prominence, then Siragusa fits the mould. As a player on the London circuit, he set up Fuse in the early stages of the Twenty First Century as an alternative to the druggily hedonistic music policies that dominated after hours clubbing in the capital.

The premise was simple; provide quality house grooves over an extended period of time for true heads to enjoy, shorn of any attitude. Sound was very much the focus – Enzo tweaking the systems for hours beforehand to ensure the perfect aural template was created for his DJ sets.

mUmU; Saturday 5th April, Kitchen Street, L1 0AN