The Mono LPs 'Cherry Red Lips' Review
100%Overall Score

The new single by Liverpool band The Mono LPs is as up-beat and righteous as they come. The fine rock this band produce has feet tapping and pulses quickening. There is a certain fascination in hearing a band incorporating an instrument not usually heard in their genre of music. Vicky Mutch’s cello gives an edge to their sound, raising it above the ordinary. Cherry Red Lips shows off their musical credentials perfectly.

Already a live band to be reckoned with, The Mono LPs are producing some fine recorded material. Cherry Red Lips is no exception. The band tear through the track which is really danceable indie. Coupled with a quirky video featuring a dancing Mummy, this shows The Mono LPs go from strength to strength. Upbeat and catchy, Cherry Red Lips is a great party song. Ste Reid’s vocals are always a pleasure and the band are as frantic yet coherent as ever. If no-nonsense indie rock is your bag Cherry Red Lips is on to savour.

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Roxy Gillespie