Whilst studying at Liverpool University, Oliver Press and David Williams decided to set up a blog showcasing the independent retail talent in the city. After the hits went off the scale and the blog developed into a website with a dedicated following, the boys pioneered the concept of a discount card that can be used in independent shops, restaurants and cafes around the city. After selling 500 pre-orders, ‘The Card’ was officially released on August 1st.

The venture began as a small blog that aimed to promote independent retailers in the city, after the boys felt disgusted at the commercialisation of areas such as Allerton Road. The concept of the card arose after Oliver and David identified a gap in the market: whilst discount sites such as Groupon already existed, they focus primarily on corporate chains, thus excluding local retailers. After carrying out market research, it became apparent that the main obstacle between the consumer and the independent retailer was the price, thus the discount card eliminates the issue by offering a variety of discounts at a large selection of shops in the city.


Participating shops include House, Heebie Jeebies, Onion, Oomoo, plus many more. The discounts vary from 10% to buy one get one free, which offers the consumer a great saving whilst encouraging money to flow back into the local economy. For every £1 spent in a corporate chain store, such as Starbucks, the local economy sees only 10p injected into it, whereas the figure rises to 50-60p when shopping in an independent store.

The Independents who you can save with on the card include;
  • A&J’s Cafe
  • Unit 51
  • Baltic Bakehouse
  • House
  • Rococo
  • Siren
  • Oomoo
  • Penny Lane Coffee Shop
  • The Peacock
  • Heebie Jeebies
  • The Clove Hitch & 23 Club
  • Mello Mello
  • Pi Bar
  • Cafe Tabac
  • Sound Food & Drink
  • Resurrection
  • Lunya
  • American Pizza Slice
  • Lucha Libre
  • Windmill Wholefoods
And there’s even more!!  – Go to the Independent Liverpool Website for the extensive list.

The Card can be purchased for £10 at www.independent-liverpool.co.uk

Follow them on twitter @indpndtliv  

Anna Rhodes