Liverpool Girl Geeks is a project aimed at gathering a community of ladies of all generations in Liverpool engaged with and inspired by Technology, Gaming, Design, Programming and Digital Media. 

Created by Chelsea Slater and Rebecca Jones, as part of Chelsea’s final project for her Masters degree in Social Media. Chelsea says “One of the things that made us want to create this group is because we feel that there is a lack of community within women in technology in Liverpool. Manchester and Birmingham each have their own Girl Geeks group so we thought it was about time Liverpool had one too.”

With its strong tech and gaming pedigree the girls recognise that the women of Liverpool are in need of an event like this – offering inspiration, support, guidance and feedback. They will be holding an event each month which will involve workshops, demonstrations, industry leading speakers and networking opportunities.

Their first event is a week Friday (August 16th)

They are organising the event in conjunction with The Studio, Liverpool. It is a new school opening in September of this year for 14-19 year olds and will educate young people for success in a digital world – focusing on gaming, animation, entrepreneurialism and app design. (For more information please see )

For more info or if you have any questions for the girls get in touch with them on their website or on Twitter;


Chelsea @_slates