The Debt Stars Live Review - The Jacaranda 12th May
100%Overall Score

You have to admit it, but given that a very good argument could be made for the UK economy being propped up by consumer spending – laying the plastic down  – the name of this band actually is right on the money for currency. The Debt Stars – possibly a reflection of us all.

Usually a three piece, tonight they performed a quick seven song set as an austerity affected two-piece, guitars and drums, which seems to be a fashionable combination these days, a la Kamikaze Girls. But this mattered not one jot, as Sean (vocals, guitar) and Eddy (drum hero) performed with great fluidity and showmanship, as if playing to a crowd a hundred times the size of the small, but highly appreciative,  Jacaranda gathering. For they were rewarded with a set of songs that betrayed much craftsmanship and no little deadpan wit, delivered with much aplomb by Sean. To these ears, The Debt Stars are a mixture of the kooky, a la The Cramps, as well as the early post punk sensibilities of the mighty Magazine. Indeed, one of their compositions, Shallow Grave, could easily have been included on the seminal Real Life, and I could well imagine the song being given Devoto distinction.

If you like your music with energy and drive, catchy hooks, great lyrics with a sometimes sardonic (but funny) bite, then The Debt Stars are a must to be checked out. The band, if they can settle into a regular and consistent line up, will undoubtedly be a force to be reckoned with. Here’s looking forward to their next outing. Soon please.

To find out more about The Debt Stars find them on Facebook here and listen to them on Soundcloud here. 

Steve Kinrade