The FACT is known for it’s weird and wonderful exhibitions and their latest interactive competition allows you to create your own disaster movie using the mobile app Vine.

Drawing inspiration from the current exhibition in Gallery 1 ‘Fracking Futures’ by artists HeHe which sees a miniature Fracking site – the controversial method of extracting oil and gas from the ground, it’s described as a disaster waiting to happen. So here’s your chance to create your very own disaster.
The Vine app allows users to create 6 second videos which can be edited and special effects added to them. To get involved download the Vine app (free from the Android store) and get creative and you could win a free FACT Membership and other exclusive FACT prizes.
Post your videos on Twitter with the #TFIOcomp.
The exhibition runs until 15th September. More Info
There’s a great site that explains the dangers of Fracking here;