The 69 Watts Band Liverpool

The 69 Watts are a three piece band based in…. you guessed it, Liverpool, but after listening to their music you could swear they have ancestry in the American South. Their gritty blues style has filled up my room and is, in a word fantastic. The songs I’ve heard seem to take the energy of 60 years of Rock n’ Roll, channel in the aching spirit of the blues and present you with something that is both classic and modern. There also seems to be a definite psychedelic backdrop to these sounds, or perhaps that is just the nostalgia I’m feeling for an era I wasn’t even present for! I would be quite happy listening to their style day in and day out.

Having just released their debut EP titled Put Out Some Light today (26 Sept), the first 50 downloads are free by the way, The 69 Watts may be at the end of their beginning, prepare for the main course. Based on gig reviews they bring the energy to the stage as well as their recordings. I hope to be hearing more about these guys.

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Emily Wright