23 Fake Street Band Liverpool

After their recent slot at the X & Y Festival in Liverpool, 23 Fake Street have been showcasing their indie-rock sounds across the north west. The young three-piece with Sam Kydd on vocals and guitar, James Mitchell on bass and Jack Hardisty on drums have a promising music career ahead of them. Drawing inspiration from current indie-rock bands, their songs dip into the classic sounds of Foo Fighters and the quirky-cool of The Kooks and Artic Monkeys.

First single ‘Say Goodbye’ jangles from the beginning, with a nod towards early songs by Artic Monkeys. The steady clash of drums compliments the fast-paced rhythm of the song, mixing the emotion-driven lyrics with the grunge tone of the guitar riffs and bass.

Early single ‘Fighting For You’ sees the vocals blend naturally with the rises and falls of the instrumentals. Kydd’s voice seduces a listener with his murmuring ‘I would like you to stay a little longer…don’t leave me’. The chorus is slick and the singer makes the repetition of the song title somewhat eerie amongst the clang of guitar and drums. Although simplistic, this song has a haunting quality about it, urging you to listen to it again and again.

‘Rules’ begins more stripped back; the vocals are raw, standing out from the waxy tones of the instrumentals. The steady drum beat and cymbal sounds make this an eclectic song that thrives upon the band’s regular jingling tones.

The band is set to release their EP alongside single ‘Take Your Time’ at a special gig at Liverpool’s East Village Arts Club on 12 September. Follow the band on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date with all their gigs, and listen to the band on their Soundcloud page.

Tilly Martin